2019 HONDA CB300F

2019 HONDA CB300F  – Featuring a 300-class machines, LAMS approved new HONDA CB300F brings a dash of attitude and independence as well as the versatile creds. Whether you are commuting, zipping around town or heading out for a weekend trip, a roomy ergonomics, handling large and broad powerband makes up each blast. With ABS as standard. The new Honda CB300F has been redesigned extensively to bring out a promising performance. For what it’s worth, this model seems to be superior in almost all parameters, so versatile. Honda’s approach to the development of the bicycle enthusiast for many years. The company also has made drastic improvements in the 300 cc line-up. The backbone of CB300F’s chassis is provided by a twin-spar steel frame of the diamond. To provide stability in the sporty handling, speed and balance of stiffness have been set carefully. 2019 Honda CB300F engine arrive with 4 valve cc 286 as its predecessor. This machine consists of a DOHC, and bore/stroke out as 76 mm and 63 mm respectively. It is capable of producing 30.5 HP at 8,500 RPM while giving 19.9 lb-ft torque at approximately 7.250 RPM. Like long strokes, vibrations are managed by the mountains that frame the powerful engine and the weight of the balance shaft.

6-speed gearbox has been used and the final drive ratio has also been increased. This increases fuel efficiency especially in highway cruising. The overall mileage checked in 78 MPG. The design seems inspired by the HONDA CB300F as consisting of a large internal volume makes great exhaust sound. To make crisp throttle response across the rev likely fuel injection, PGM-FI which consists of 38 mm throttle bore has also been revamped. This engine is also fuel efficient as the number of moving parts is limited. Fuel efficiency is the contribution of some basic elements such as iridium spark plugs and low friction piston rings.

For that extra three Benjamins, you get Neo-Sports Café styling resembles the HONDA CB300F recently, following the trend of illicit industry in old school aesthetics. Round headlights, radiator guards, two step seat all look similar to HONDA CB300F. The fuel tank of the statue also share the same shape as the older brother CB300R, despite his sacrifice some volume, carrying only 2.7 gallons of fuel (compared to CB300F 3.4-gallon tank). While CB300F has the frame and pivot plate as a unit, using a steel tube frame HONDA CB300F rift new high steel plates with separate pivot. According to Honda, this new design reduces the stress is transferred from the rear wheels to the main frame between rail heads and chairs. The design also allowed Honda to optimize the strength of each part separately, use thinner material and reduces weight.

HONDA CB300F Engine 

Single cylinder engine on HONDA CB300F is the right thing of beauty. It has fuel injection, dual-overhead cams that provide good fuel efficiency with many low-revving torque — just what you want in your first motorcycle. Thanks to compensate, you get a narrow overall width and power advantages of one along with a smooth multi cylinder Bikes. With a displacement of CB300F, 286cc responsive power and fuel injection PGM-FI produces a sharper throttle response throughout the rev range. remains the same 286cc Machine single found on CB300F (and faired CBR300R). To smooth the way, HONDA CB300F intake and added new underslung exhaust with dual-chamber muffler. Along with a significant weight reduction (claimed 317 pounds, down from HONDA CB300F who claimed 348 pounds), Honda claims the new intake helps to increase the initial acceleration by 4%.

The suspension system consists of 41mm upside down fork and rear shock single revision with the seven steps of spring preload adjustment. Nissin radial-mount supplies four piston front brake caliper and disc 220mm disc 296mm front and rear wheels and one-pot caliper. IMU-controlled two-channel ABS is an option that is available. Compact HONDA CB300F 286cc DOHC 4-valve single cylinder liquid cooled – along with HONDA CB300F – is a diminutive gem that has won many fans for free-revving nature and responsiveness. And while the character of the freely rotating can get the adrenaline pumping as the revs rise, it is also the engine that works well in ‘ real world ‘ conditions, either way up around the city, and out on the road. Power peak HP 30.1 arrived @ 8,500 RPM, with peak torque delivered 20.2 lb/ft @ 7500 RPM. 6-speed gearbox offers the even spread of gears for strong acceleration-HONDA CB300F will include 0-656 only

Bore and stroke of 76 x is located in 63mm, with compression ratio 10.7:1. Fuel injection PGM-FI-with 38 mm throttle bore and the straight shot intake – provide crisp throttle response across the rev range and underslung Exhaust. out on the right side exhaust through a dual-chamber. Against additional vibration of long-stroke, heavier counterweight shaft and engine frame mounts are stronger than previous models used this machine. To reduce maintenance costs-an important factor for the young riders-machines are also designed with the minimum number of moving parts. Details such as the low-friction piston rings, high-density core radiator and iridium spark plugs help increase fuel efficiency. Single cylinder engine HONDA CB300F offers many benefits. As the number of moving parts is kept at a minimum, absolute Engine is more fuel efficient, and small details such as low friction piston rings and iridium spark plugs help reduce operational costs.

HONDA CB300F suspension

CB300F The suspension using a single shock rear suspension preload-adjustable (Link Pro ® rear suspension) that not only gives you a smooth ride, but helps improve handling as well, such as in some models of sports more our big. HONDA CB300F frame – that help support the minimalist style, drawn at the Café Neo sports the same line as the new HONDA CB300F– built with steel tube and pressing; swingarm is made from steel plate, irregular-shaped cross-section. Both are designed to achieve high longitudinal stiffness and deflection of the wheel torque control without excess weight or stiffness. The core strength of the chassis the pivot anchored by pressed steel plates and swingarm swingarm, allowing the steel lattice frame tubes to deliver agile handling with stability and feedback. 41mm USD forks also complement HONDA CB300F with compliant handling, damping and spring rate of chewy. One rear shock features 5-step spring preload adjustment. 49.6% front/rear weight bias 50.4% provide a positive atmosphere for the front-end grip and easy steering wheel are also helped by low, 315 lb empty weight and wheelbase compact 53.2 inches.

Fat bar-style aluminum handlebars turned through radius 40 ° and swivel radius 2.3 m guarantee easy passage in city traffic jam. High seat is 31.4 inches. HONDA CB300F adopt the suspension links Pro allows light and more compact rear suspension that will be realized. This shows the characteristics of progressive suspension (rise/decline happens gradually) and tractability high road through ratio optimization. Suspension Pro this Link makes the trip more stable damping force characteristics by a moderator to climb gently for a short trip and increase the damping force characteristics of definite attenuation with long stroke length during travel long. In this way, the HONDA CB300F suspension damping force characteristics of progressive change, and have compact suspension layout near the center of gravity contributed to greatly improve the stability of the drive. Rear suspension Link Pro has the advantage that is functional in the pillow long stroke increasing at a greater rate in proportion to the length of the stroke from the rear axle.

That is, this mechanism has the characteristics of a progressive (rise/decline happens gradually); Pillow arm and trunk linking functions so that a short-stroke cushion in the range where the rear axle is not moving a lot and got a longer rear axle as the movement reaches a higher range. In addition, five-position HONDA CB300F preload adjuster can be adjusted to respond to the preferences of the rider, riding in tandem, and other necessities. Appropriate toughness with high rigidity has been achieved through 574 mm rear swing arm and 60 × 30 mm pipe with a square section. Because the plastic inner fender also serves as the network’s case, high quality design and weight reduction are achieved while reducing the splashes of mud and chipping on the vehicle body.

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